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CreativeWear PLUS - Transferring the CreativeWear Model across the Mediterranean

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CreativeWear PLUS builds on the results of the Interreg MED CreativeWear project (2016-2019), which brought a new attention to creativity, personalised design, and artisan and small-scale production for territorially specific value chains for the Textile & Clothing (T&C) industry. Five Creative Hubs brought together artists, designers, and creatives with T&C businesses in Italy, Spain, Slovenia and Greece. Experimentation with different interaction formats led to a common CreativeWear Model, whose transfer capacity was tested by extension to six new Creative Hubs through an Open Call in 2018 and by incorporation into the H2020 TCBL network of innovation Labs in 2019.


In 2021 CreativeWear PLUS associates three original partners from Italy and Greece with three new Hubs established in Portugal, France and Bosnia to further integrate the CreativeWear network by directing creativity towards the new challenges of circular economy and sustainability in T&C, involving areas such as bio-based textiles, upcycled clothing, and reinterpretation of cultural traditions.


The work plan sees each new Hub paired with a partner from the original project to apply the CreativeWear Model in the initial steps of building local communities and launching a first set of events in project month 6. The second phase involves deeper transnational cooperation and knowledge exchange, culminating in the project’s final event in month 13. Network sustainability is again ensured within the TCBL Foundation’s network of innovation labs.


The CreativeWear PLUS project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

CreativeWear PLUS details


Project duration: 12 months (July 2021 – June 2022)

Project budget: €397,625.00 / €268.597 ERDF




1. Prato Textile Museum Foundation, Lead Partner (IT);

2. Arca Consortium (IT);

3. Creative Thinking Development (GR);

4. Prisme Cae Scic SAS – Coopérative D’activités et d’entrepreneurs (FR);

5. The Zepce Development Agency (BA);

6. The University of Evora (PT).


CreativeWear PLUS website:

Facebook | CreativeWear PLUS : @creativewearplusproject

Instagram | CreativeWear PLUS : @creativewearplus

Twitter | CreativeWear PLUS : @CreativeWear_P

YouTube Channel | CreativeWear PLUS

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