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ERASMUS + Sport -Collaborative Partnerships


01/01/2021 - 31/12/2023


  • Gedi Gestio I Disseny SCCL (GEDI), Spain

  • International Center for Promotion of Education and Development (CEIPES), Italy

  • Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany

  • Creative Thinking Development (CreThiDev), Greece

  • Municipality of Lousada (MoL), Portugal

  • Institut National d’ Educacio Fisica de Catalunya (INEFC), Spain

  • Nefinia, Netherlands

  • Fundacio Privada Futbol Club Barcelona (BARÇA FOUNDATION), Spain


For more information, visit the project website:


Sport and Social Inclusion: Future for Children - Future ++

The general aim of FTR++ project is to promote, develop and share a European evidence-based coach education programme that could help coaches foster quality motivation and make sport not only engaging, empowering, and enjoyable but also a tool of added value for social inclusion.

Specific aim 1: To investigate to what extent coaches and sports professionals are poorly educated when it comes to social inclusion. We will conduct a study and explore possible reasons for this trend by analysing the situation in different countries.

Specific aim 2: To study how practicum experiences that progress to co-teaching/coaching and working in more realistic settings can have a positive impact

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