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ERASMUS+ KA220-VET - Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training




  • Turkiye Ayakkabi Sektoru Arastirma Gelistirme ve Egitim Vakfi (Turkey)

  • Tasev Ayakkabi ve Saraciye Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi (Turkey)

  • Panepistimio Aigaiou (Greece)

  • Universitatea Tehnica Gheorghe Asachi din Iasi (Romania)

  • Centro Tecnológico do Calçado de Portugal (Portugal)

  • CEDECS-TCBL S.A.S (France)

  • Creative Thinking Development (Greece)

  • CIAPE - Centro Italiano per L'Apprendimento Permanente (Italy)


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New Footwear Designer Qualifications For Sustainable Products That Comply With The Emerging Demands Of Circular Economy

SHOEDES project aims at enhancing the skills of the professional designers through a cross-disciplinary training program, combining professional and transversal skills associated with creativeness, innovation, and sustainability, both technological and non-technological. In this context, the SHOEDES objectives are: 

  1. To anticipate the job-related requirements of the future footwear designers more effectively and explore new and innovative business / entrepreneurship models based on sustainable products and footwear design for the circular economy. 

  2. To develop new framework career guidelines and paths for sustainable footwear design by exploiting existing European instruments and initiatives like Europass, “Economy that works for people”, “European Green Deal”, that will result in better-qualified footwear design professionals and better services and in the EU and Turkish footwear industry.

  3. To develop new methodologies and learning tools based on MOOCs for re-engineering the training process targeted to the existing and future designers of the footwear industry.

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