LEATHUB - Establishment Of Leather Hubs In Russia And Mongolia

Erasmus + Capacity Building     
Leader: Ege University, Turkey 
Budget: 925,950€.     
Duration: 15/01/2019-14/01/2022

Ref.no.: 598715-EPP-1-2018-1-TR-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP



The aim of the project is to bridge the gap between the leather industry and the universities by enhancing the collaboration at a research and development base in schemas where industry will be the innovation seeker. Within an industry’s value chain, an innovation seeker is a firm searching for innovation solutions beyond its boundaries. The intense collaboration between industries and universities will:
• Accelerate the pace of applied research in advanced industries in leather sector
•Drive down the cost of advanced industries technologies and accelerate their deployment
•Contribute to workforce development not just at the Ph.D. level but at all levels
•Boost exports and enable the specific regions in Russia and Mongolia to compete effectively in global markets, which in turn will ensure a vibrant national economy
In order to achieve the aforementioned aim the main general objective of the proposal is the establishment and operation of 4 training and innovation centres (Leather Hubs) which will act as intermediary between innovation seekers (industry) and the innovation providers (research teams in the universities, laboratories, spin-offs)

The main outcomes of LEATHUB project will be the establishment of four training and innovation centers in four universities in Russia and Mongolia, which will provide training services for tanneries, support the design and the implementation of research and development services from the university according to the specific needs of the companies, and also implement research on the use environmentally friendly technologies for tanning raw materials and recycling of collagen-containing waste. The centers established will solve the problems that are acute for the leather industry community of the EU,Russia and Mongolia.



Ege University -Turkey
C.G.S. Di Coluccia Michele & C. S.A.S.  -  Italy
Creative Thinking Development  -  Greece
Institutul National De Cercetare-Dezvoltare Pentru Textile Si  -   Romania
Anotato Ekpaideytiko Idrima Peiraia Technologikoy Tomea  -  Greece
Instytut Przemyslu Skorzanego W Lodzi  -  Poland
Kauno Technologijos Universitetas -   Lithuania
Eastern Siberia State University FOR Technology AND Management  -  Russia
The Federal State Education Institution of Higher Professional -  Russia
Chamber OF Commerce of the Republic of Buryatia  -  Russia
Mongolian University of Life Sciences  -  Mongolia
Mongolian University of Science And Technology  -  Mongolia
Mongolian Leather Industry Association  -  Mongolia



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