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Social Grocery of Municipality of Salamina

The Social Grocery of Municipality of Salamina has been established in 2012. Since December 1st, 2017, its operation has been taken over by the non-profit company, CRE.THI.DEV, with the co-financing of European Social Fund (ESF).

The Social Grocery is located at Salamina, at Social Residences of Resti, at Agias Annis and Resti street and it opens from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17.00. (tel.: +30 210 4681478).

It distributes, completely free, essential supplies of long expiring date, as oil, milk, legumes, cereals, sugar, coffee, canned food etc, toilet paper and personal hygiene items as well as household cleaning articles. In the same place, one can find children’s clothing as well as apparel and footwear for adults and household items.

The beneficiaries, residents of Salamina, are selected by the Social Services Office of Municipality of Salamina according to social and economic criteria.

Through the Social Grocery one can have access to social support services. The beneficiaries are informed about the offered services, and when deemed necessary, they are referred to the Social Services Office of Municipality of Salamina. There, their needs are recorded, as well as their social history is drafted or updated, and they are monitored with the scope of their empowerment and social inclusion.

Beneficiaries of the Social Grocery can be residents or households of Salamina Municipality, which are in a state of poverty of threatened by poverty as well as the beneficiaries/ applicants for international protection.

Visit the Grocery website for more information: 

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