Creative Thinking Development - CRETHIDEV is a non profit company, not for benefit, which focuses on research, as well as development of studies and action plans for local communities, mainly in the fields of life-long learning, environmental protection, innovation, employment and local development, health, athletics and culture.


CRETHIDEV, created by experienced professionals, consultants & designers with high scientific training, long-term cooperation with companies in traditional sectors of the Greek economy, high professional diligence and enthusiasm. The scientific training them, cover a wide range of functions of each organization and business.


The company has a large and representative network of external collaborators in Greece and abroad and where appropriate, creates the best possible synergies to achieve the optimal result.

Special attention is paid to consolidating the skills of the young -especially those of higher education- to the demands of the labor market and motivating them to seek employment in their own region to promote local quality of life.


It seeks to create a knowledge database and improve networking and cooperation among local, regional, national, European authorities, organizations, business associations to promote innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainable development and exchange of knowledge and expertise, through research and European projects and cooperation with universities, companies, public authorities, training centers.

Special attention is also paid to:

  • The ecosystems' protection and the promotion of the regional fauna and flora.

  • The development of infrastructures for recycling, energy, ecological (biological) products.

  • The promotion of an idea, aiming to use soft forms of energy for the environmental protection.

  • The participation in regional, national, and European networks for the participation in environmental protection and sustainable development projects.

  • The information of social groups, such as young people and women, in order to advise on self-employment issues and small businesses' set up in the field of social economy.

  • The elaboration of research and studies, as well as growth initiatives in Greece and abroad in order to create opportunities for local employment for the weaker population groups, women, young people and disabled.

  • The transfer of technology to enterprises.

  • The development of new production procedures as well as new products.

  • The development of new technologies.

  • The development and implementation of innovations in the production process.

  • The implementation of technologies for the reduction of the environmental pollution and the utilization of solid and liquid wastes.

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