ProWebSee Youth
    Promoting Webinar-Based Youth Non-Formal Education in Southeast Europe Part II
  • SPIDAP.png
    Sport Inclusion Drivers for Autistic spectrum
    disorders People (SPID-AP)
  • OaC_wide.png
    OaC: my goal
    Outdoor against Cancer: Move yourself go out and live
  • shoeman2.png
    SHOEMAN - Manager for an Efficient and Innovative Footwear Industry
  • BOOST4SHOES_small.png
    BOOST4Shoes - BOOSTing cross-border online sales of SHOES

  • TEXSTRA.png
    TEXSTRA - Textile Strategy for Innovative Higher Education
  • FOODQA.png
    FOODQA - Fostering Academia Industry Collaboration in Food Safety and Quality 
  • CreativeWear.jpg
    Creative Wear - Creative Clothing for the Mediterranean Space
  • FAIRHAP.png
    FAIRHAP-Fair Play and Happiness
    through Sports
  • leaman2.png
    LEAMAN-Manager in an Efficient and Innovative Leather Company
  • INVENT.png
    INVENT- Promotion of Innovation Culture in the Higher Education in Jordan
  • K4F_wide.png
    Knowledge4Foot - Knowledge Platform for Transferring Research and Innovation in Footwear Manufacturing (K4F)
  • lawpret2.png
    LAWPreT - Local Authorities Waste Prevention Training

  • TECLO.png
    TECLO - ​Textile and Clothing Knowledge Alliance
  • Local Plans for Employment

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