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LAWPreT - Local Authorities Waste Prevention Training


ERASMUS+ KA2 – Strategic Partnership
Leader:  Ecological Recycling Society  ECOREC
Duration: 1/12/2014 – 30/11/2016 (concluded) 
Budget: 243.577,00 €

Local Authorities Waste Prevention Training (LAWPreT) is a project which seeks to provide the necessary vocational training to employees in local authorities for waste prevention, through the combination of short-term physical mobility with virtual mobility.This will be achieved by a strong partnership between seven partners that complement each other with their background, experience and expertise, in related EU and nationally funded projects.  

During the implementation of LAWPreT, a set of outputs will be created, and also training activities and multiplier events will be organised, including: 


  • an online training platform for LAs staff,

  • the collection of national strategies on waste prevention,

  • the development of Waste Prevention Guide, 

  • the development of a training package, 

  • a pilot long distance learning course lasting 3 weeks which will be conducted through the online training platform in English, Greek and Slovenian and a 2-day training seminar for 20 trainees from Greece, 20 from Cyprus and 20 from Slovenia;

  • training seminars for 60 staff members of Greek L.A.s, 20 staff members of Cypriot L.As and 20 of Slovenian L.As;

  • 4 seminars (2 in Greece, 1 in Cyprus and 1 in Slovenia) for the presentation of the Waste Prevention Guide.

  • 4 conferences in Greece, Cyprus, Slovenia and Belgium.


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