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TEXSTRA-Textile Strategy for Innovative Higher Education

Erasmus+ Strategic Partneship Higher Education
Leader: INDCPT - Institutul National De Cercetaredezvoltare Pentru Textile Si, Romania
Budget: 255,112€
Duration: 1/9/2017-28/2/2020


The TEXSTRA project will develop the tools necessary for skills enhancement, targeted to higher education, in relation to research and innovation, in order to obtain its objectives:

  •  to strengthen the knowledge triangle, i.e. the cooperation and networking between HEI’s, research organizations and companies in order to reinforce the textile research position in the European context as a potential development key; 

  • to promote research & innovation based actions, testing and development of new e-learning tools for students, trainers and professionals;

  • to promote the application of good practices for the enhancement of innovative skills; and

  • to provide knowledge, skills and competences by using virtual tools.

The activities include:

  • the development of a Need Analysis report, based on desk and field research, depicting the state of the art for the skills and training in the textile and clothing manufacturing industry related to research and innovation, 

  • the development of a training programme and e-learning material for transferring research and innovation to textile and clothing students and companies

  • the development of an online platform for transferring research and innovation through project based training , 

  • the Virtual Internship, a form of internship that is performed entirely online on the project platform, 

  • the development of a Book of lectures “Innovative and Creative thinking in the Textile & Clothing manufacturing sector”, 

  • the development of a “Project handbook of good practices & open challenges: training tools and methodologies to foster creativity and innovation within the textile and clothing manufacturing sector”

The intensive training summer course will be attended by selected students of the universities involved in the project.


INCDTP - Institutul National de Cercetare – Dezvoltare pentru Textile si Pielarie,    Romania

CRE.THI.DEV.  -  Creative Thinking Development,     Greece
CIAPE - Centro Italiano per l'Apprendimento Permanente,     Italy 

AEI TEXTILS  -  Associació Agrupació d’Empreses Innovadores Tèxtils,    Spain

TUIASI -  Universitatea Tehnica “Gheorghe Asachi” din Iași,    Romania
PUAS -  Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus,    Greece
UMINHO  -  Universidade do Minho,    Portugal
KTU  -  Kauno Technologijos Universitetas,    Lithuania
ITTI  -  Institute for Technology Transfer and Innovations,     Bulgaria
MCI - Material Connexion Italia,    Italy

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