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WOMEN4IT - Innovative Solutions to increase the numbers of EU vulnerable girls and young women into the digital agenda

EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment

Leader: Latvian Information and Communication Technology Association (LIKTA), Latvia

Budget: 2.714.306,89 €

Duration: 1/9/2018-31/8/2021



The “YOUNG-ICT WOMEN – Innovative Solutions to Increase the Numbers of EU Vulnerable Girls and Young Women into the Digital Agenda" project (Project Nr. 2017-1-094 under the leadership of the Latvian Information and Communication Technologies Association), Women4IT in short, is implemented by nine partners from nine European countries:

  • Latvian Information and Communication Technologies Association (LIKTA);

  • Baltic Education Technology Institute (BETI, Lithuania);

  • Creative Thinking Development (CRETHIDEV, Greece);

  • DIGITALEUROPE (Belgium);

  • ECDL Ireland (ICS, Ireland);

  • Educating for an Open Society (EOS, Romania);

  • European Centre for Women and Technology (ECWT, Norway);

  • Fundacion Plan International (PLAN, Spain);

  • Malta Communications Authority (MCA, Malta).

Women4IT´s aim is to develop digital competences and thereby the employability of young women (15 - 29 years of age) at risk of exclusion from the labour market as well as to provide innovative solutions to increase the number of young women with ICT careers and women participating in the digital economy. The project, funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment, benefits from a 2.714.304€ grant and runs from September 2018 until August 2021.


Follow Women4IT on social media:

Twitter @WomenForIT



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