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Erasmus+ Capacity Building for Higher Education-Strand 2




University Of Patras-Panepistimio Patron, Greece, Coordinator

Mongolian University Of Science And Technology, Mongolia 

National University Of Mongolia, Mongolia 

Polytechnical College Of Khentii Province, Mongolia 

Umnugovi Province Polytechnic College, Mongolia 

Ayulgui Khudulmuriin Undes, Mongolia 

Universita Degli Studi Di Palermo, Italy 

Universidad De Cadiz, Spain 

Creative Thinking Development - Dimiourgiki Skepsi Anaptyxis, Greece 

Guru Services.Biz , Greece 

Associated partners 

The Government implementing agency General office of labour and social welfare, Mongolia, 

Occupational safety and health center, Mongolia 



Lifelong Learning for Mongolia; Occupational Health & Safety

The 3L4MOHS project has a fundamental aim of transferring European expertise to Mongolia, focusing on the development and implementation of Lifelong Learning Centres (LLCs) at the university level. Specifically, this initiative is set to target four selected university partners within the Consortium, covering the entire expanse of Mongolia. The chosen field for piloting this pioneering project is Occupational Health & Safety, responding to a critical need for continuing education in Mongolia and serving as the pilot curriculum throughout the 3L4MOHS project.

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