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Erasmus+ Sport




1 Technische Universitaet Muenchen, Germany - Coordinator

2 Centro Internazionale Per La Promozione Dell'educazione E Lo Sviluppo Associazione, Italy

3 Creative Thinking Development, Greece

4 Faculdade De Motricidade Humana, Portugal

5 Universidad De Sevilla, Spain


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kidsTUMove goes Europe - cordially fit

The motivation of the project “kidsTUMove” is primarily to create the awareness of the importance of health-enhancing physical activity for children with chronic diseases (CD) and post traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) and thus to effectively enhance the times of physical activity. Especially in these times with children having to escape from war zones like the Urkaine, it is important to treat this PTSD as soon as possible. The knowledge about the positive health effects of physical activity on CD is not only lacking in the patients themselves, but also in their social environment.

The project focuses on the higher participation of children and adolescents with CD in sports and especially on the appropriate access to it. The innovative approach will be that the activities will focus on individual and team sports to find a suitable sport.

Another goal is the social inclusion, through physical activity, offering a variety of sports. Voluntary activities with children with CD should be encouraged in various sports, as access to sports with these patients is still lacking. Due to the high number of refugees in Europe, it is necessary to create programs that have qualified trainers, but also programs that can be easily implemented in European countries.

Children with CD often have reduced levels of physical activity, mainly due to overprotection of parents and caregivers, teachers and health care professionals, and also due to misperceptions regarding the relative risks versus benefits of participation. Only specifically trained coaches can clear up these misunderstandings and provide clarification. They help to keep the compliance of children and adolescents high and to improve the compliance of parents. The main goal is to make the great and powerful effects of sports accessible to the group of children with CD. Increasing sport participation of this vulnerable group will have a great benefit within the European health care system.

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