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DIGITEX project starts with the aim of addressing the innovation needs of smart textiles


DIGITEX project starts with the aim of addressing the innovation needs of smart textiles

The project main objective is to support innovative approaches and digital learning technologies to accelerate innovation, teaching and learning in the field of medical, protective, sensorial and smart textiles design, testing and manufacturing of the innovative advanced products for healthcare in the context of the digital economy.

The meeting was held virtually and was led by INCDTP, the project coordinator. The partnership is integrated by diverse and complementary institutions and profiles, all gathered at widely accomplishing the project’s aims and needs. The consortium organizations are the following: INCDTP, from Romania; Cre.Thi.Dev., from Greecce; Centro Italiano per l'Apprendimento Permanente (CIAPE), from Italy; AEI Tèxtils, from Spain; the University of West Attica (UNIWA), from Greece; the Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), from Lithuania; and the Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iaşi (TUIASI), from Romania.

The project officially started on March 1st and has a planned duration of 24 months with a total budget of 257.380€ co-financed by the European Commission under the ERASMUS+ Programme within the strategic partnership for cooperation for innovation, with Grant Agreement 2020-1RO01-KA226-HE-095335.

The kick-off meeting started with the introductions of the organizations in the consortium, highlighting their motivations and expectations for the project. Then, each Intellectual Output (IO) responsible presented the initial work plan and the main activities to be performed in the next months.

The project will develop a set of digital learning tools based on an innovative approach to create and transfer knowledge based on existent creative methods and digital learning technologies. The project main outputs are:

• Background report to the EU innovation in the field of medical, protective, sensorial, and smart textiles, through perspectives in developing advanced textile materials (smart materials).

• Learning materials handbook and a book of best practices.

• Creativity development of staff in the organizations through joint training event.

• An intensive study program to foster collaborative learning and creative innovation.

• E-learning tools based on DigiTEX eLearning platform with a database of medical, protective, sensorial and smart materials.

• A toolkit of creative methods suitable to generating new ideas of innovative medical, protective and sensorial products.

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