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SWAL 4th Project Meeting and Conference to be held in Galatsi


SWAL 4th Project Meeting and Conference Galatsi

Creative Thinking Development, in collaboration with the Municipality of Galatsi, is organising the 4th international meeting, titled “Green and/or Biodegradable household waste”, of the project SWAI – Sharing working algorithms for urban/rural waste collection", under the Programme for Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV).

The event will be hosted in the conference hall of the cultural centre of Galatsi Municipality “To Kamini”, a restored Hoffmann continuous work lime kiln, and will last from April 15 until April 17, 2024. In the frame of the project meeting field visits will be made to the 2nd Kindergarten of Galatsi, to see how the small children participate in composting their organic waste (action initiated under the "Green Ambassadors" project, funded by the Green Fund and implemented by CRETHIDEV and Galatsi Municipality) and to the Integrated Urban Solid Waste Management Facility, the largest facility of its kind in Europe, which is operated by EDSNA. The last day of the meeting will be devoted to the project Conference "Valorising Domestic Biowaste and Grassroots Initiatives" that will be held in "Kamini" Cultural Centre, starting at 9:30 am.

SWAL Athens Conference Agenda 17.04 Final
Download PDF • 194KB

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