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SWAL 4th Project Meeting and Conference successfully completed


SWAL 4th Project Meeting and Conference successfully completed

The 3-days SWAL project meeting held in Galatsi was successfully completed with the conference "Valorising Domestic Biowaste and Grassroots Initiatives" and the participation of the Mayor of Galatsi and President of the Union of Greek Municipalities, Mr. George Markopoulos and many elected officials, EDSNA Deputy Director for Thermal Processing Mr. George Arvanites, CRETHIDEV Administrator Mr. Dimosthenis Papakonstantinou, employees of the municipality as well as dozens of high school students and citizens of Galatsi.

In previous days SWAL project partners from Bulgaria, Malta, Belgium and Poland conducted fruitful workshops and field visits to the 2nd Kindergarten of Galatsi, which implements composting of its organic waste under the support of the "Green Ambassadors" project, (funded by the Green Fund and implemented by CRETHIDEV and Galatsi Municipality) and to the Integrated Urban Solid Waste Management Facility, the largest facility of its kind in Europe, which is operated by EDSNA.

For more details please see the newsletter attached:

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