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CRE.THI.DEV. focuses on research, as well as development of studies and action plans, mainly in the fields of: 

  • Life-long learning, design, quality, research and innovation, technology transfer, business and marketing plans, environmental studies

  • Athletics, cultural, transport, energy saving, environment, social policy, social economy, research and innovation, technology transfer


  • Enterprises - mainly small and medium (leather, footwear, textile, clothing, marble, wood and furniture, ceramics, silver & gold, synthetic polymers, agrofood and others).

  • Local, regional, national and European authorities, international organizations, non EU countries.


Our main objective is to facilitate networking and cooperation among local, regional, national and European authorities, universities, research centres, organizations, business associations and enterprises, in order to promote and disseminate innovation, entrepreneurship, social economy, sustainable development and exchange of knowledge.


Executive Assessment Services

Our company was created with the vision to offer to a wide range of recipients and beneficiaries, reliable and comprehensive proposals and business advice, to cover every need, to improve the competitiveness of their position and to achieve sustainable economic development.


The purpose of CRE.THI.DEV. is to advise and guide agencies and companies we work with to implement modernization, development and openness strategies, through technological innovation projects and utilization of human resources.


CRE.THI.DEV. addresses and can meet the operational needs and requirements of:

  • Companies in the private sector

  • Local Authorities

  • Development Companies for Local Authorities

  • Chambers

  • Cooperatives and Business Organizations

  • Cultural Associations

  • Industry Associations

  • Sectoral Associations

  • Universities - Research and Technological Institutions

  • Social Cooperative Enterprises


CRE.THI.DEV. seeks to create a knowledge database and improve networking and cooperation among local, regional, national and European authorities, organizations, business associations to promote innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainable development and exchange of knowledge and expertise, through research and European projects and cooperation with universities, companies, public authorities, training centers and business associations.


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