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Dimos Papakonstantinou

Dimosthenis Papakonstantinou
Founder and Administrator


Dimosthenis Papakonstantinou, before founding CRE THI DEV in 2012, worked in ELKEDE Technology  & Design Centre, an RTO under the authority of the Ministry of Development, as its Managing Director (1985-2004) and as Board Advisor (2004-2009).


During this period, ELKEDE LTD, founded initially as a Quality Control Laboratory for leather and footwear,


  • turned into ELKEDE, Technology & Design Centre S.A.,

  • created two affiliated companies, offering Vocational Training and Health and Safety services,

  • expanded its activities to the sectors of textile, furniture, plastics and marble and its services to product standardization and certification, quality assurance, design, research and technology, technical assistance and marketing,

  • participated in many European research, technology, quality, training and environmental projects

  • offered technical assistance to Shoe Institutes and Industry in India the Ukrain and the Mauritius

  • participated in a MEDA Project for the creation of a Footwear Manufacturing College in Turkey


    During his years in ELKEDE, he has been member (or President) of European Industry and Research, Training and Technology Associations.


    From 2002-2004, he has also been Managing Director of HELLENIC SILVER & GOLDSMITHING CENTER S.A.


    As an active member of local administration since 2003, he has gained experience in introducing, organizing and executing projects for the social, environmental and economic benefit of the local communities.


    As member/President for 20 years of several consulting committees and working groups of the Ministries of National Economy and Development and of the Organization for SMEs, he has gained experience in the definition and elaboration of specific measurements for the realization of framework programs at national, regional and sectoral level.


    He has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Athens, Greece, a Diploma in Leather Technology from Nene College Northampton and an MA in Design Management from De Montfort University of Leicester.

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