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Maya Dimitriadou
Project Manager


Maya Dimitriadou holds a BSc degree in Biology and has been working in CRETHIDEV since 2012 as Project Manager and has participated in the drafting of several ERASMUS+ proposals.


From 1991 to 2012 she worked in ELKEDE, Technology & Design Centre. During this period, she participated in SPRINT projects for Clean Technologies and Quality Assurance in the Leather Industry as well as in the development of Quality Systems in footwear industries, managed the project “Improvement and development of the infrastructure of ELKEDE” for the Quality Department, trained the personnel of SMEs on “CE Marking for PPE”.


As Quality Manager (1994-2011) of the Accredited, in 2001, Testing Laboratory of ELKEDE, she participated in the development and implementation of the Quality System.


As Certification Officer of ELKEDE for CE marking of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (1996-2003) she was responsible for the operation of the Office and its preparation for notification.


As Manager of Quality Department and Testing Laboratory (2002-2011) for leather, footwear, textile, furniture and plastic she:

  • Drafted the Business Plans for 2006-2007 and 2008-2013,

  • Organized training seminars to the Furniture sector

  • Participated in the Creation of the EU-KOSGEB Shoemaking Institute, in Turkey, and the preparation of its testing laboratory for accreditation,

  • Coordinated ELKEDE’s participation in the training Project «Quality Assurance in Production” for entrepreneurs from Moldavia, Georgia, Ukraine, Serbia, Albania, and Egypt.

  • Set the basis for cooperation with a Testing Laboratory in China in the field of PPE Certification.

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